What to Wear to Your Rehearsal Dinner

What to wear to your rehearsal dinner

What to wear to your rehearsal dinner

Everyone spends a lot of time looking at wedding fashion and bridal makeup, ensuring that they are fully prepared and happy for their big day. However, this does mean that the rehearsal dinner is often forgotten about. To help you out, we have provided some top tips for dressing for your rehearsal dinner.

Tips for Dressing for Your Rehearsal Dinner

●      Choose Something That You Feel Great In - A rehearsal dinner is something to look forward to, but that's not to say that you won’t feel somewhat nervous. With all the attention on you and your partner, feeling nervous is perfectly normal. To help yourself to relax and enjoy the evening entirely, wear something that you feel great in. If you feel most comfortable in a formal dress, wear a formal dress. If you feel most comfortable in a suit, wear a suit. You have the freedom to choose.

●      Go Above and Beyond What You Would Normally Wear - Though your rehearsal dinner isn’t as important as your wedding day itself, it is still vital to make an effort. After all, friends and family will be in attendance and you’ll want to look your best. Rather than simply choosing a standard outfit that you would wear, find something truly special.

●      Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out - A lot of people choose to wear white to their rehearsal dinner, but you really don’t have to. Feel free to choose something brightly colored, bold, patterned or unique. It’s your special evening, so you are allowed to stand out and make a statement.

●      Don’t Forget About Hair and Makeup - A lot of people put time and effort into perfecting their bridal makeup and hair, forgetting that the rehearsal dinner is also important. A lot of photographs will be taken at your rehearsal dinner, so you will want to be camera ready at all times.


It’s important to remember that your rehearsal dinner is about you and your partner, so you really can choose to wear whatever you want. As long as it’s as formal as it needs to be and compliments what your partner is wearing, you are sure to impress. Just be sure to include all relevant details about rehearsal dinner when you send out the invitation. This includes the attire (formal, semi-formal, casual), the setting (indoor, outdoor), and whether children are invited.  That way you and your rehearsal dinner invitees will all be on the same page and can avoid any potentially embarrassing misunderstandings!