Common Wedding Disasters and How to Handle Them

On your wedding day, you should be carefree, ecstatic, nervous and in a host of other emotional states. What you should not be feeling is fear that your big day will be ruined in some way. This is the job of your wedding planner. A competent wedding planner will leave you confident enough to experience your nuptial bliss while steering clear of common wedding mishaps in order to ensure that your big day remains a source of pleasant reflections for years to come.

Bad Weather

Well, you can’t control the weather, but you can plan for it. If after all your meticulous planning, the weather still turns out to be the opposite of what you’d desired, find ingenious ways to make the most of it. For unexpected downpours at an outdoor ceremony, you can move the event indoors (of course this means you’d have had a backup venue prepared, preferably nearby).

Cake Issues

Way too many wedding ceremonies have been tarnished by cake problems. From accidental or deliberate smashing to collapsing many cakes have suffered damage before they get their time in the spotlight. Proper storage helps to keep a wedding cake form melting. If your reception venue is cool you’ll have less to worry about than if it were humid. It is a good idea to have a backup cake (which does not have to be as flashy as the official one). One crafty wedding planner was able to arrange pastries into a beautiful display to replace a damaged cake.

Absent Service Provider

Unfortunately, not all service providers live up to their clients’ expectations of reliability. What do you do if the band you hired or the photographer doesn’t show? If you don’t have backup options, you could play music from a storage device connected to the PA system or invite guests to use their smartphones to snap photos and then upload them to a space you can access.

Our wedding planners at New Mexico Wedding Expos & Guide are pros at smoothing over hiccups that often happen during wedding ceremonies and receptions. They maintain strong professional networks with numerous wedding service providers and so will be able to find alternative sat the last minute, if needed. If you’re seeking a capable, experienced and professional wedding planner that will enable you to quit worrying about these and other common wedding problems, get in touch with us today and we’ll connect you with the perfect wedding planners.