Roses 101: How to Incorporate Roses in Your Wedding, the Modern Way

Roses in your wedding & reception

Roses in your wedding & reception

Roses are without doubt one of the single most popular flowers when it comes to romantic gestures and romantic moments. Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world that this flower is prized and amazingly popular with brides and grooms getting married.

One of the primary concerns couples have when selecting roses as their wedding flower, however, is related to the fact that it has been heavily overused in the past.

How can you breathe new life into a wedding flower that has been heavily used in the past? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

· Combine them with other flowers. We don’t have to say that roses are the kind of flower that really works with everything else. From succulents to orchids, roses can be incorporated in multiple types of flower arrangements, to create something that is truly beautiful.

· Feature them. Roses by themselves are a classic. So if you want to keep it simple and classic, try a single rose centrepiece on each table in a thin clear glass vase with glass beads and a small pin spotlight highlighting them. Or you if want a larger arrangement, you can feature them as the only blooms in your flower arrangements. You can either go with something very simple, in one color, or combine two or more colors of roses to match your wedding’s theme.

· Put them in unique containers. If plain old-school vases bore you, or if you feel that it has been done a thousand times before, why not try something really unique? For instance, you could create rose arrangements and place them in a large crystal centerpiece – and this will give your entire wedding a fairy-tale, Beauty and the Beast-like vibe! And if you are planning a vintage wedding, you can create arrangements and place them in lanterns, for example. It would look so, so, so pretty!

· Use them as floral table runner. You really don’t have to settle for the classic wedding centrepieces if it doesn’t suit your style. You could, for example, use roses and greenery to create table runners or garlands to use for the decoration of the tables. This type of décor is really popular, and it works marvellously well with a variety of weddings – particularly with outdoor weddings!

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