What about those wedding party gifts?

Weddings are expensive. You’ve seen that by now, but you don’t want the people who have been there supporting you along the way to feel that they’re not appreciated. So, what about a gift for them? After all, they’ve had to buy a dress or rent a tux, travel to the wedding and probably will get you a great gift too.

Average spending for attendants in the Northeast runs about $100 each, the highest region in the country. But in the Southwest, it’s a more modest $40 each. With that kind of pricing, you can get them a gift that’ll be remembered, more than the cost for them to rent the tux and travel to the wedding will be!

Where do you start? Some gifts are easy with the guys all rooting for the same team or enjoying the same sport. You can do a lot with team colors or cammo, for example. But friends have more diverse likes. There are several websites that’ll give you personalized ideas, such as Groovygroomsmensgifts.com

Here you can find flasks, weekend bags, toilet kits, knives and shot glasses geared to making an impression. That beats years of tacky gifts that your recipients will never use again and certainly won’t be excited about using.

For more info on the spending habits across the country, check out the map below to see Groomsmen spending in every state