The Dos and Don’ts of Modern Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Not everyone wants their wedding to have a vintage or classic theme and if you ask us at New Mexico Wedding Expos and Guides, we completely agree. You can find the latest trends and more for your wedding by attending one of our expos, they are the largest in the state. We’ve put together a list of some of the most recent trends when it comes to modern weddings in this post and they are as follows:

·   The Dos

The most recent wedding trends have clients heading away from the soft classic colors to fresher palettes with pops of bright and bold colors. Nontraditional bridesmaid dresses in an eclectic color mix are also in vogue. Weddings with entire vegan menus also seem to be more popular, as couples go more mixed and untraditional when it comes to their wedding parties. Bars with special cocktails custom made from fresh ingredients are also in, while dainty bouquets are resurfacing, influenced by the recent royal wedding.

·   The Don’ts

After parties seem to be on their way out when it comes to modern wedding trends in the US and all over the world. Showing off for the sake of it is also phasing out as couples go for more authentic expressions of love as they and their guests celebrate. Traditional wedding favors are also being replaced by photo and video keepsakes from the wedding. Welcome bags are also being left behind as they also end up getting left behind themselves in the hotel rooms. A nice bottle of wine or a handwritten note is considered a better alternative. The naked wedding cake and donut walls are also some of the wedding trends that have lost favor in modern weddings.