Romantic Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement ring trends

Engagement ring trends

Marriage is an institution that has persisted since time immemorial, but as with anything else in life, marriage is not static. Ancient traditions aren’t as potent in modern marriages anymore. Couples are now trying out new ways to add some flair and personality to their big day: Vibrant, unexpected décor and eclectic wedding dresses are two forerunners in this evolution of wedding celebrations and now, engagement rings are part of the scene too.

There’s now a new crop of ring styles that can make both the couple stand out from the infinite other couples out there; written below are the most romantic engagement ring trends waltzing their way into modern weddings.

·      The Stack Evolves

No more are chunkier rings making waves in the bridal fashion world as stacks of thinner, layered bands have now taken center stage. This design not just look great; it’s also pretty convenient; such rings are certainly less likely to snag on anything. Brides can now make 3, 4 or even 5-band stacks utilizing an impressive array of beautiful, unique and personalized stones.

Even better, this is an aesthetic that is likely to evolve as time progresses, which just means the couple have an opportunity to give new meaning to the rings by adding new stones to them to celebrate an anniversary or mark another milestone in their lives.


·      Warmth and Elegance

You can’t go wrong with colorful gemstones. They are gaining momentum in the world of jewelry and are seeing a new resurgence in the realm of engagement rings. Colorless diamonds don’t make as much of an impact as they used to. They are now being supplanted by refined gemstones.

Couples are well aware of this shift in fine jewelry. They are now incorporating subtle colors like rose, champagne and gray into engagement rings. No one can deny how elegant these gems are but more than that, they also easily complement metals like rose gold. Simply put, these rings not only accentuate your look, but they can downright change it entirely and make your wedding style something to be admired and envied.

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