Bridesmaids’ Dress Tips Every Bride Should Know

Bridesmaid’s dresses

Bridesmaid’s dresses

Choosing the dresses for your bridesmaids can prove to be a more daunting task than you initially expected. In fact, in many cases, choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses can frequently take longer and be more stressful than choosing your own wedding dress.

How do you make everyone happy? What are some of the tips to remember when searching for the right dresses for your special ladies on the wedding day?

We have some tips for you. Keep reading if you’re eager to minimize the stress as much as possible.

· Long, short, or in between? Truth be told, there’s no rule to say that bridesmaids have to wear long gowns. They should probably opt for length when the event is really elegant and traditional – but few weddings these days are actually 100% dedicated to tradition, so the length of the bridesmaids’ dresses can be up for debate. Plus, your bridesmaids might have their own preference here – and choosing a dress that’s too long can severely affect your relationship with bridesmaids who don’t feel good in long dresses.

· All the shapes of the Earth. Every woman is beautiful in her own way – and dressing to impress is most definitely on the bridesmaids’ list of priorities. Choose bridesmaids’ dresses that are either very good for everyone or universally “applauded” by all specialists. The first version might be tricky if you have a lot of members in your wedding party and if they have a wide variety of body types.

· The bodices. Again, it all depends on your bridesmaids’ top halves and how they want to look. Generally, sweetheart gowns are most popular because they can flatter a lot of body types. However, they are not the only type of bodice out there. An illusion high neckline looks fabulous and it is very trendy – however, if your bridesmaids don’t feel good in this, they will feel uncomfortable throughout the entire Big Day.

· Letting them choose. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are still very popular – and this year, it all goes beyond that. In 2019, you will be able to completely mismatch your bridesmaids’ dresses and simply allow them to wear what they want. A unifying theme of some sort is always nice (like a specific color, length, or neckline), but letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses helps everyone feel their best.

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Are You Allowed to Skip the Alcohol at the Wedding?

Serving alcohol at the wedding

Serving alcohol at the wedding

Planning a wedding is quite difficult. At the end of the day, it is completely worth it and you definitely deserve to have the wedding of your dreams – but you should be aware of the fact that planning it is not easy in any way. There is a huge amount of details that need to be handled, not to mention the pressure of trying to make everyone happy.

Alcohol and weddings can be one of the most troubling questions for brides planning their wedding – but what happens when you want to skip the alcohol altogether?

We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.

· You shouldn’t feel obliged to serve alcohol at your wedding. Sure, it’s what most couples do – but there isn’t a strict rule about it. On the contrary: this is your wedding, and you should allow yourself to make your own rules. If you’d be happier having an alcohol-free Big Day, then do what feels right to you and your fiancé!

· There are a lot of reasons you might not want to serve alcohol. You may not drink, you may be against it for moral or religious reasons, you may have someone in your family who has a history with alcohol, you might want to save money, or you might simply want to avoid the mess that could ensue once some guests have had too many drinks.

· It is important to let people know from the very beginning that you will have an alcohol-free wedding. You can add this in the invitation suite, or write it on your wedding website – or, if your wedding is small and the guest list isn’t too demanding, you could let everyone know in person. This way, people will know what to expect right from the get-go (and they will not be tempted to bring in their own alcohol, putting themselves and you in an awkward situation).

· Serving a small amount of alcohol is also a good option. You could only serve champagne for the toasts or maybe add a couple of wine and beer options into the mix as well. Also, keep in mind that planning a daytime wedding means that people will automatically expect a smaller amount of alcohol. So if you want to decrease the expectation of booze, maybe consider a daytime ceremony!

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Elegant and modern bouquets

Photo by Aesthetic life studio

Photo by Aesthetic life studio

Include roses in your bouquet, with the sunflower to create a modern design with elegance.

Featured florals in this arrangement:

  • Rose – Roses are known as the flowers of love and romance. Many choose to include pink roses in their bouquet because they symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration and joy.

  • Green Button Pom – This button pom is a good choice for a filler flower because it’s available year-round. This flower comes in white, green, purple and yellow and is also called a Chrysanthemum.

  • Amaranthus – When this flower dries, it turns golden in color. It’s also called the flaming fountain and it has a distinct color that makes it noteworthy.

For more information, go to to see more ideas. But look at the flowers here locally at one of the many People’s Flowers shops. They can show you the real flowers you might want in your bouquet.

More ideas:

Photography by Olivia Rae Photography

Photography by Olivia Rae Photography

The Best Ideas for Your Wedding After Party Outfit

Wedding after party outfits for NM brides

Wedding after party outfits for NM brides

If you are like most brides and grooms, you want your wedding day to last for as long as possible. You want to enjoy the magic, the joy, and the beauty of this special event in your life for the entire day (from dawn to dusk), and you want to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience as well.

This is precisely why a lot of couples choose to have an after party in addition to the ceremony and reception. This is, indeed, a wonderful opportunity to keep the party alive well into the dawn of the next day and help your guests have some real fun, all night long.

What should you wear for your wedding after party, though? You can wear your wedding gown, of course – but just in case you don’t want to ruin it (either because you want to sell it afterwards or because you simply want to keep it in a pristine state), you might want to get another dress for the after party.

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Since this party will be much more casual than the wedding itself, you can pretty much wear any kind of dress you want. Depending on where the after party takes place, you can wear something that’s more suitable for a club, or something a bit more elegant.

· For instance, you could wear a short white dress (camisoles are growing in popularity, along with a lot of other 90s trends). This will allow you to move around and dance as you wish. You could also wear a longer dress, but with a more casual touch to it, like a long, fitted gown with a slit up the side that allows some skin to show through.

· If you want something completely different and unique, you don’t have to wear an actual dress at all! For example, you could wear a stylish jumpsuit. This is easy and comfortable to wear, but it also looks really fashionable and feminine at the same time – so you will definitely love the look!

Looking for more ideas? Check out this link on choosing your color!

Your Go-To Color Palettes for A Perfect Wedding

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You Should Definitely Consider These Trends for Your 2019 Wedding!

Wedding trends

Wedding trends

A new year has started – and together with it, we are starting to see the new wedding trends shaping up. If you are a couple planning your wedding in 2019, you definitely want to know more about the best and freshest wedding trends out there, so that you can steal some inspiration for your own Big Day.

What are they? What are the most beautiful wedding trends of the year? We have some tips for you – keep reading if you want to find out more.

· Installations and art. Long gone are the days of simply tossing a few flowers together and calling it “wedding décor.” As Millennials are getting more and more immersed in the wedding world, it is quite likely that we will see more artistic wedding décor pieces – installations and even actual paintings incorporated in these special events are bound to make an impression!

· Special bars. Everyone loves a good cocktail – and wedding bars stocked with unique combinations are a real attraction for most guests. Think out of the box with your cocktails and serve the kind of drinks people will actually want the recipe for!

· Small bouquets. One of the biggest trends of 2019 was actually set by the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry themselves: minimalism. Her dress was absolutely superb in its simplicity, and so was her bouquet. We can definitely expect to see more brides deciding on the same simple, elegant style for their 2019 weddings.

· Vibrant colors. Living Coral has been declared Pantone’s Color of the Year – and we can expect it to be seen in all kinds of vibrant combinations. Most people might expect this color to be combined with pastels and neutral shades – but trendsetters are saying otherwise: vibrant colors are what 2019 is all about, so Living Coral might end up in the most unique color combinations ever. We are so excited to see a real pop of color in the wedding world of 2019!

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You Will Love These Special Flower Ideas for Your Wedding!

flowers for Albuquerque weddings.jpg

Flowers are a true gift for the world! Graceful and beautiful, they are the perfect embellishment for anything wedding-related and are a true delight in both natural and man-made environments.

We are so connected to the beauty of flowers that we want them to accompany us on the most special days of our lives – and weddings are chief among them.

How to incorporate the elegance of flowers into your Big Day, aside from the classic methods (centerpieces, décor, boutonnieres, and bouquets)?

We have gathered some tips and ideas for you – keep on reading if you want to find your floral wedding inspiration.

· Edible blooms. Edible flowers have been quite popular in 2017 and 2018 – and they will continue to remain so in 2019. You can have them on your wedding cake (even the simplest buttercream cake can be instantly elevated with fresh flowers), on your desserts, in your foods, and even in your cocktails. These flowers will not only make your food and drinks look fresh and pretty, but they will also complement their flavor bouquet.

· Video-mapping flowers. You don’t have to use natural flowers to incorporate their beauty in your wedding day. For instance, you could use video-mapping services to project stunning floral decorations on a white cake and even on your white wedding gown (imagine how beautiful this would look while you dance for the first time as a married couple!).

· Floral fashion. Flowers can look beautiful when printed on your bridesmaids’ dresses (ideal for a spring wedding, for example). They can also add a dash of style and uniqueness to your groom’s attire when they are printed on his suit, shirt, or simply his bow-tie. And they can look absolutely magical when incorporated into your wedding veil too!

· Hanging florals. Hanging florals and overhead flower arrangements are quite the trend right now – and we can see why. They are surprising and delicate at the same time, they can create an amazing, airy space, and they can even make the wedding reception feel cozier and more welcoming by narrowing the space between the ceiling and the floor. This kind of décor is bound to be appreciated by everyone at your wedding!

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4 Tips for Those Who Want to Plan their Wedding FAST

planning a wedding quickly

planning a wedding quickly

If you have just gotten engaged, you are probably incredibly excited about the months to come. Indeed, this is a very special time of your life – and you have the right to enjoy every second of your engagement and wedding planning just as you want to.

Of course, most couples choose to take a little more time for the planning of their wedding (in most cases, it takes about one year, but there are some who prolong this period up to two, three, or even more years).

Is it possible to plan the wedding quicker, though? Can you plan a wedding in less than one year?

Yes, you can – and we have gathered some tips to help you do this.

· First and foremost, keep in mind that wedding planning is already stressful as it is – and if you add a ticking clock to the mix, you can easily fall into anxiety. It is extremely important to create a feasible plan – one you feel comfortable with, but one that is realistic for your timeline. And it is extremely important to maintain your focus and actually stick to that plan too. More than anything, make sure you talk to your fiancé and your closest friends and relatives about this and that you have their support – it can make all the difference in the world.

· If you want to plan a wedding in a short amount of time, you want to make sure you have your venue booked by the end of the first or second month of planning at the absolute latest. This will decide your precise wedding date, which in turn dictates when you send out the Save the Dates, when you send the invitations, and when you can finally create a final guest list and start hiring vendors.

· By the end of the third or fourth month of planning, all of your wedding vendors should be booked already (and this includes your makeup artist and your hairstylist as well). Your wedding style should be already set. Your invitations should be sent out.

· Your last couple of months before the wedding should be dedicated entirely to the details that will make the day of your wedding feel amazing – such as the seating chart and the wedding playlist, for example. DO make sure you get your marriage certificate as well – without it, your wedding will not be legally recognized!

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5 Things to Do Right After You Put a Ring on It

After you put the ring on

After you put the ring on

Congratulations on your engagement!

We know this is a huge moment in your life – and we know you want to do everything right, from the moment you put the ring on your finger to the moment you bid your wedding guests farewell.

What are some of the most important things to do right after the engagement? We have gathered some tips for you.

· Take a moment to relax and enjoy the moment. Really, you don’t have to jump right into the storm of it all. Take your time, take your fiancé out in the town and have a nice dinner. This is your moment to celebrate – you’re in this together and you deserve to party a little, just the two of you.

· Make your announcement. Before you go public (especially on social media), make sure you take some time to tell everyone close to you – your parents, your close relatives, your best friends, and so on, personally. They have the right to learn the big news before all the random people in your friend list on Facebook and Instagram.

· Buy insurance for your ring. It might seem like a needless extra cost, but it’s not very expensive and it can save you from a lot of pain and heartache if something were to happen to your ring. Depending on the exact contract you will sign, jewelry insurance can cover you in case of damage, loss, and even theft – and given the fact that this ring has very strong emotional value, insuring it will give you peace of mind.

· Plan your engagement party. You don’t have to plan something very large or extravagant – or you can go all out with a luxurious party, it’s entirely up to you. The key here is to invite people who are close to you – though probably not as many as you will invite to the wedding itself. Keep in mind though: whoever gets invited to the engagement party should absolutely be on the wedding guest list too!

· Start dreaming up your wedding. Pinterest boards, articles from magazines, mind-maps – use whatever methods you want to collect the best ideas for your dream wedding. Don’t limit yourself just yet – you will have plenty of time later on to trim down the list of ideas and only select those that suit your style, your story, and your budget.

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Flower Symbolism You Should Definitely Keep in Mind

Flowers have meaning!

Flowers have meaning!

The beauty and grace of flowers will never cease to amaze us, and that might be one of the reasons these elements continue to be essential in most wedding planning efforts.

Of course, you want your flowers to look fresh and flawlessly brought together – but have you considered their symbolism too?

We have some tips to help you send the right message with your flowers.

· Tulips. If you plan on having a spring wedding, we recommend considering tulips for the wedding décor or bridal bouquet. Why? Aside from the fact that these flowers exude femininity and elegance, they are also a symbol of love and passion – so they truly make for the perfect wedding bloom.

· Orchids. It’s impossible not to love the huge variety of colors these flowers come in – they are downright astounding in so many ways! Even more, orchids stand for beauty, love, passion, and fertility – all of which are great symbols to associate with your wedding day. So, if you are searching for wedding flowers that feel luxurious and bright, this is the perfect option for you.

· Lilies. If you want your wedding blooms to really fill the air with their beautiful fragrance, lilies are among the best options. In terms of symbolism, lilies stand for majesty, luxury, truth, and honor – so they are a great choice to show your goals in your marriage.

· Daffodils. Joyful and pretty, these spring flowers make for a delicate addition to any wedding! Even more, their symbol is that of happiness and warm thoughts – so if you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere at your wedding, you should definitely consider these flowers.

· Carnations. Although frequently underrated, carnations can make for such stunning (and affordable!) wedding flower arrangements! Same as roses, each carnation color stands for a different symbol: the red ones are all about love (predictably so), the white ones signify talent, and the pink ones represent boldness. Lovely, right?

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Macramé Décor Ideas to Add some Homemade Flair to Your Wedding

Macrame decor for your wedding

Macrame decor for your wedding

There are a thousand and one ways to decorate a wedding – and the beautiful thing about planning the perfect wedding décor is that you can always combine multiple themes and elements to create something that’s truly unique. Something that reflects you, your fiancé, and who you are as a couple.

Macramé décor is one of those trends that slowly makes room into your heart, the kind you really want to incorporate at least in a small amount into your Big Day for a touch of homespun love.

How can you do that? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

· The chairs. One of the easiest and most beautiful ways of adding a bohemian touch to your wedding is by decorating the chairs with macramé. You don’t have to cover the entire chair; you could only limit yourself to the bride and groom’s chairs if you wanted to keep it low-key. Even a simple macramé model hanging on the back of your chairs will work some magic.

· The backdrop. Want to add a very boho-chic touch to your ceremony? Create a woven macramé backdrop to place behind the altar. It will set the mood for the entire ceremony and show off your creative talents!

· The cake. Not sure how to decorate your cake in an original way? A small cake skirt made out of fondant “worked” as macramé will look really special. This works marvelously for any wedding with a bohemian, garden, or other nature-inspired theme.

· The bar. Your bar or candy table has to coordinate perfectly with your bohemian wedding theme – so why not decorate the table with macramé? Choose white macramé for a cleaner look or go for ombre macramé that coordinates with your wedding colors for something more festive. Either way, this will look really pretty!

· The bouquet. Wrap your bouquet in macramé if you want to make it look bohemian with a touch of vintage – even a simple bouquet of white roses looks beautiful with woven art around the outside. This could also be your “something old;” if you have any macramé décor that has been passed down as a heirloom, it’s even better!

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How to Plan a Multicultural Wedding

multi-cultural weddings

multi-cultural weddings

Love transcends all borders – space, language, culture, or anything else that might stand in its way.

Love is not about the language you speak or the culture you belong to – it’s the connection that brings people together regardless of where they or their families come from.

If you are among the happy couples who hail from different cultures, you surely want to bring your heritage into your Big Day. This is, after all, who you are – and it’s important to celebrate your backgrounds on such an important day of your life.

But how do you do that? How do you plan a multicultural wedding? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

· Celebrate each other’s ancestries. There’s nothing more beautiful than showing the world your love goes beyond all differences – so why not surprise your loved one (and their family) by saying a few words in their native language during the wedding? You could say a sentence or two in their language during the wedding vows, or you could include something nice in their language in your wedding speech – no matter what you choose, you are bound to bring tears of joy to their eyes.

· Bring your languages together. You want their side of the family to be fully immersed in the wedding experience – and creating bilingual wedding stationery is one of the best ways to do this. Furthermore, if the ceremony will be held in one language and you want to make sure all the members of your significant other’s family understand what is being said, why not hire an interpreter so that everyone can be included?

· It’s more than just the language; it’s everything you grew up with. Your mom’s hot chocolate, their mom’s cookies, your traditions and theirs, all combining to create a unique ceremony. Even different traditional wedding attire can be paired together to celebrate both cultures. Including parts of your culture in your Big Day will not only show everyone how proud you are of your ancestry – it will create a completely unique event every single guest will love.

If You’re a Groom, You Should Do These Things on the Morning of Your Wedding

Groom’s duties

Groom’s duties

Much of the wedding world seems to revolve around the bride. That might have made sense in the past, but these days more and more grooms are getting involved too. So there’s no reason a groom shouldn’t get some attention too!

For instance, do you know what to do on the morning of your wedding? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you’re curious to learn more about this.

· Just relax. We won’t lie: this will not be an easy day ahead of you. It will be stressful, busy, and quite likely chaotic at times. Take this precious morning time to relax yourself in every way there is. For some, this means squeezing in a morning workout – whether that’s lifting weights, running, or swimming, a short workout will put you in a great mood for your wedding. Just don’t overdo it! For others, the way to relax ahead of the big event is to get together with your best friends and have a bit of fun. Do whatever you feel is best for you – but keep drink to a minimum because the ceremony is rapidly approaching.

· Eat. It might sound completely silly for you to be reminded to eat, but the truth is that with all the agitation of the Big Day’s morning, you might actually forget to eat. Ask your Best Man to grab you some food before the ceremony. Gurgling stomachs aren’t romantic – and given that you might not get to eat much throughout the day, it’s really important to have some sort of breakfast before everything begins.

· Do something nice for your SO. This might be a special present you have prepared for her. Or it might be a note you have written from your soul. No matter what it is, it will definitely help her ease her own stress and bring her into a state of sublime emotion and grace.

· Don’t wait to the last minute to shave. You don’t want to be rushed shaving and miss a spot or nick yourself right before all those pictures.

· Triple check your tuxedo or suit, and also your shoes, socks, tie, etc. Your attire might not be as complex as the bride’s, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want everything to be picture-perfect on the Big Day!

· Finally, don’t forget the ring!

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Wondering about Cocktail Trends for Weddings Next Year? Here Are Some of the Best Ideas

Cocktails at your reception

Cocktails at your reception

You want your wedding to be more than a nice event – you want it to be memorable from every point of view. And for this purpose, you will definitely want to make sure your décor, your entertainment and your wedding menu and bar are truly unique.

What are some of the best ideas that will dominate the wedding cocktail world in 2019? We have gathered them right below – keep on reading and find your inspiration.

· Ditch the plastic. Wedding, like other parts of our lives, in 2019 are leaning towards a more green and eco-friendly approach –and your wedding bar will not “escape” this trend. If you want to make your Big Day feel friendlier to the world around us, opt for cocktails that don’t include plastic. You can replace inedible garnishes with edible ones, and plastic straws with natural or biodegradable options (e.g., paper or natural fibers like papaya leaf stems) that guests will love.

· Embrace fresh garnishes. Want to make your wedding cocktails feel truly natural and refreshing? Using herbs and fresh edible blooms as cocktail décor will most likely be a pretty huge trend in 2019 – and this is a truly wonderful opportunity to add a bit of that natural vibe into your Big Day.

· Go back to the classics. Of course, new, unique, and inventive cocktail ideas will continue to be appreciated – but as signature cocktails flourish in the wedding bartending world, some of the old-time classics will also make their room back into people’s preferences. In the end, a classic cocktail is the best way to make sure everyone at your wedding will genuinely enjoy their drink – from your uncle, to your younger brother!

· Source it locally. It doesn’t even matter the exact location of your wedding – wherever it may be, you will most likely be able to source at least one type of local drink. Wines and craft beers are the most popular category in this respect – and since they are bound to be part of your wedding bar selection one way or another, why not source them from local small businesses? People will surely appreciate it!

· Make it a DIY experience. Want to make your wedding bar feel even more entertaining? Create a DIY station focusing on one type of cocktail – such as Bloody Mary, Martini, or Mimosa. Provide guests with the basic ingredients and some popular garnishes and they will love mixing their own drink, according to their preferences!

Not All of Your Wedding Guests Are Best Friends with Each Other. Here’s How to Handle It

How to handle guests who aren’t friends

How to handle guests who aren’t friends

You want your wedding to be one of the happiest and most beautiful events of your life.

You want to feel excellent walking down the aisle and dancing the night away with your friends.

You want your wedding guests to have genuine fun too.

Unfortunately, though, when you invite 200 people to spend hours on an end together, it’s highly unlikely that they will all be compatible with each other in terms of personality. Even more, it is quite likely that some of them might have a history that prevents them from getting along 100% well.

How to handle this kind of situations? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Create a brilliant seating chart. You and your SO are supposed to know your wedding guests. Discuss with each other and avoid seating together anyone who might not get along. Also, be sure to not seat together people who have a history together (e.g. people who used to be a couple but have broken up). A good seating chart takes a bit of time to plan – but with a bit of attention to detail you can actually pull this off.

· Ask your friends to help you. Your Maid of Honor and/or Best Man can help you diffuse nasty situations as soon as they arise. Ask them to keep an eye on the guests and help them feel great – but also ask them to keep an eye on potentially dangerous situations that could turn into a quarrel or a fight. If you know certain guests are more likely to get to that point, ask your Maid of Honor and/or Best Man to pay more attention to those specific guests.

· Ask guests to leave if they become irritated or are likely to start a fight. At the end of the day, this is your wedding – and you, more than anyone, have the right to make sure your guests don’t ruin this special event in your life. Politely ask people to leave if they show signs of becoming quarrelsome.

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Top Trends for 2019 Brides and Grooms

Wedding trends in 2019

Wedding trends in 2019

With November right around the corner, we’re all getting ready to step into a whole new year filled with love, beauty, and, well, weddings.

Of course, if you plan on having your wedding next year, you want to borrow some of the most interesting wedding trends of 2019 and bring them into your Big Day in a way that reflects your personality and style.

Yet, what are these trends, more exactly? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on and find out more.

· Wedding gowns will have actual pockets! Sure, you might not want to stuff your blotting papers and lipstick there, but even so, pockets are always a nice addition. Not only are they useful and practical, but they can add such a modern and interesting touch to a wedding gown!

· Simplicity will also dominate the wedding gown world. Expect long, simple dresses made from quality fabrics (such as silk). Expect embroidery and detail work to hide away for a while and allow minimalism to take over for the weddings of 2019.

· The same rule will be applied in wedding makeup too. Barely there, ultra-natural makeup will be really popular with brides (so if you want to opt for something like this, it’s really important to prep your skin properly long before the wedding). And if you want something a little more glamorous than a super-natural makeup, you will be happy to learn that bold red lips will make a huge comeback too!

· Say good-bye to plastic. Sustainability should be everyone’s concern, all the time, not just when it’s trendy. In 2019, though, wedding designers will place this above anything else – so expect to see a very small amount of plastic incorporated in weddings. Natural materials will take over wedding décor for a change, adding a new dimension to your Big Day too.

· Colors, colors everywhere! Of course, nobody can take white and cream shades from weddings. But in 2019, you will most likely see a lot of new and exciting colors marching down the wedding aisle. Pinks will be there, but so will suave and energizing shades of orange.

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What You Should Know about Your Siblings-in-Law and Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Family relationships can be really complex, especially for a couple who’s about to get married and unite their families. Likewise, wedding etiquette in general can be quite complicated too – so it’s understandable if you’re confused about what you should or shouldn’t do in terms of your relationship with your future family.

What is it that you should know about your siblings-in-law and the wedding etiquette connected to them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Do I have to include them in the wedding party? Yes, most definitely yes. Of course, you’re free to do whatever you want given that this is your Big Day. However, keep in mind that your future siblings-in-law will be part of your family – and even if you don’t like them that much or you aren’t friends with them, you should maintain cordial relationships with them. Asking them to be in the wedding party is a first step towards that.

· Do they have to be involved in the planning? Yes, if they want to help, give them one or two tasks. That isn’t to say you should allow them to take over your wedding planning – if you feel they’re too aggressive, talk to your future spouse and ask them to step in and have a kind, polite conversation with their siblings. If they don’t want to be involved in the planning, don’t push them too much – it can only lead to more stress and negative feelings.

· Do I have to postpone the wedding date if they have an important event they didn’t know of when I set the date? No, you shouldn’t. If, for example, your future sister-in-law is pregnant and due a couple of weeks after the wedding, you shouldn’t postpone the wedding. However, do expect that they might not be able to make it to the Big Day.

· Do I have to talk to my brother-in-law about potential embarrassing situations (e.g. a slurry speech)? That depends on how well you know them or how likely that is to happen. If you feel that something embarrassing could happen, ask your spouse to discuss things with their brother(s).

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Don’t Make These Wedding Etiquette Faux-Pas!

Wedding etiquette

Wedding etiquette

To err is human, but truth be told, when it comes to your New Mexico wedding, you want to err on the safe side, rather than upset anyone (e.g. your grandma).

What are some of the most common wedding etiquette faux-pas and why is it (still) important to be sure you don’t make these mistakes (even today, in 2018)?

Here are some tips for you:

· Don’t take too much time between the ceremony and the reception. Sure, you will be serving drinks and snacks during the Cocktail Hour, and guests will love the opportunity to catch up with old friends and relatives they haven’t seen in a while. However, you and your SO are the main “VIPs” at this party, so guests want to spend time with you. Don’t take more than one hour for your photo session between the ceremony and the reception if you don’t want to make guests feel uncomfortable.

· “Singles” tables are seldom a good idea. You may think you’re helping your single friends mix and mingle, but that’s not necessarily true. A special table just for them will just make them feel awkward (and maybe even “desperate”), so it’s unlikely that they will create any connection with another “single” this way.

· Be nice to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Being a total “Bridezilla” (or “Groomzilla”) is not a good way to treat people who are your friends and who have invested time and financial resources into making you happy on your wedding day. Show your wedding party how much you appreciate them! Spend time with them! And, if possible, offer them a nice gift too.

· No matter how limited your budget may be, don’t ask guests to pay for their drinks. It’s far better to have a wine and beer bar only (or a wine, beer, and signature cocktail bar, if you want to), than to actually ask guests to pay for their drinks. They are paying for their transportation, for their accommodation, and they have also sent a gift – don’t ask them to pay for their drinks too!

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Making your Wedding Fun & Memorable - Ones Guests will Love

Wedding Games!

Wedding Games!

Your wedding in New Mexico can be a lot of things.

It can be outstandingly beautiful.

It can be sentimental.

It can be trendy.

But most importantly, it should be fun – because, at the end of the day, this is one of your life’s happiest events, and you want all of your guests to share in your joy and create amazing memories.

What are some games and fun entertainment ideas you could definitely incorporate in your New Mexico wedding day? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.

·       Instead of numbering the tables, name them according to a lyric from your favorite songs. When that song comes up, the entire table has to get up and dance. This is a fun way to ensure that everyone will be on the dance floor at least for one song (if not more)!

·       Forget about boring RSVPs! Make guests have fun with your RSVP and they will be much less likely to forget about sending them back. For instance, you could send them RSVP cards structured as Mad Libs with a wedding theme. This is also a wonderful opportunity to ask everyone what their favorite song/ musician/ band is, so that you can include it in the playlist of the Big Day.

·       Ask guests to leave small notes in a “wedding piñata”, instead of writing them in a traditional guest book. Break this piñata at your one-year anniversary and read your wedding guests’ notes – it will definitely bring tears of joy in your soul!

·       Ask guests to create a fun piece of art by popping balloons filled with paint and stuck to a white canvas. To make this more fun, make it like a darts competition (standing at a decent distance from the canvas will also help guests make sure they don’t stain their clothes).

·       Did you have a favorite fairytale? Get a copy of that book and cut out heart-shaped confetti from its pages. Use these to replace the traditional rice toss at your wedding exit – it’s much more meaningful and fun!


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Cute and Fun Games for Your Bridal Shower

bridal shower games

bridal shower games

Traditionally, bridal showers aren’t planned by the bride. They are planned by the Maid of Honor (or another lady in the close entourage of the bride). So, if you have been assigned with this task, you surely want to make certain everyone invited at the shower has a really good time.

How do you plan a really fun bridal shower before your friend’s wedding in New Mexico? We have gathered some of the cutest and most entertaining bridal shower games out there – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       Whose line is it? Create a list of things the bride and groom said and ask your bridal shower guests to guess who said it. The winner (the person who guesses the most lines) gets a small prize (doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something to make people feel a bit more competitive and have more fun).

·       Champagne pong. This game is a great idea if you know that your guests are into this kind of activities. However, if you feel that some of the guests might not be interested (e.g. the mother of the bride), you might want to skip the idea.

·       Guess the gifts. This game is basically a bridal twist on the classic bingo. Ask guests to write down 8 presents they think the bride will receive, and then ask them to tick them down on a bridal bingo sheet while the bride opens the gifts. Like in the classic game of bingo, whoever guesses all the 8 presents wins.

·       Creative cocktails. Ask the guests to create the perfect signature cocktail for the bride and groom. The bride picks the one she loves the most (without knowing who created it), and that signature cocktail gets served at the wedding.

·       Dress designers. It is more than likely that most of the bridal shower guests don’t know how the bride’s dress will look like. Give them pencils and paper and ask them to “design” the perfect wedding gown for the bride.

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What to Do and What to Avoid When Giving a Speech as the Bride

Wedding speeches

Wedding speeches

Traditionally, it is the groom, the Best Man and the Father of the Bride who give speeches at a New Mexico wedding. However, under the influence of the changes that have happened in society over the past few decades, more and more brides choose to stand up and make their own speeches as well.

If you are among these ladies, you want to be sure this moment is perfect – but how do you do that? What to do and what to avoid doing when giving a speech as the bride? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       DO talk about your loved one. That’s what he would do in a traditional wedding speech, and that’s what you should do too.

·       DO thank the closest people in your life. And yes, you can totally incorporate one or two anecdotes in this part of your wedding speech, instead of just naming the people you want to thank.

·       DO talk to your loved one about your speeches. You don’t have to completely ruin the surprise for each other – but do mention the stories and the people you will discuss in your wedding speeches, just to make sure they aren’t too similar.

·       DON’T make it too long. The number One rule of any wedding speech? Keeping it short and sweet. This is valid for anyone giving a speech at your wedding, and you make no exception. Depending on how many speeches there will be, each of them shouldn’t last more than 4-10 minutes.

·       DON’T make inside jokes. They might be funny to you, your SO, and a couple of other guests, but most of the other people will simply feel left out.

·       DON’T make offensive jokes. No matter how funny it may be to tell a story, think of whether or not it will make anyone present at the wedding feel offended or uncomfortable. You want your wedding speech to make people feel good, not awkward in the slightest of ways!


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