Bridesmaids’ Dresses 101: When to Buy Them?

Bridesmaids’ dresses

Bridesmaids’ dresses

Buying your own wedding dress is bound to be a journey into the realm of one thousand and one options – but don’t you even think that once your dress is readily ordered you are done!

As a bride, you want your lovely attendants to be the mirroring perfection of the entire Big Day – and that means that, aside from your own wedding dress, you will also want to search for the perfect option for them as well.

When should your bridal party purchase their gowns? We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

· In general, the sooner, the better, really. The exact timeline depends on whether you choose to get designer/ custom dresses or if you want to buy them off the rack. Naturally, it will take a little more time if you settle for the first option, but at least you will have a wider range of versions to choose from.

· If you want to get custom dresses for your bridesmaids, start as early as seven months into the Big Day. Why? Because it will take at least three months for the dresses to arrive and, depending on how complex they are, the alterations can take up to another two months as well. The extra time is there to leave you some leeway – you don’t want to stress over whether your bridesmaids’ dresses will be ready for the wedding date.

· If you want to buy off the rack dresses, you will normally need a lot less time. In general, one month is enough for the shipping process, and two extra months are more than enough for the alterations. DO keep in mind that, being off the rack, these options are a little more limited – so if you want to make sure you find the right attire for your lovely ladies you should start the search as soon as possible. If you are still feeling worried check in with your local bridal shop, they can help ease your mind about lead times, but do remember that sometimes even off the rack dresses can take a few months for delivery, it will just depend on the designer you choose.

· If you want to take the ultra-easy path, allow your friends to choose their own dresses within certain rules (e.g. color, décolletage, cut, fabric, etc.). This will give them freedom of choice (so that they can wear something they genuinely enjoy).

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Newly Engaged and Getting Married Next Year? Here Are Some Important Wedding Dress Trends!

Wedding trends for this year

Wedding trends for this year

Congratulations on your engagement! If you have decided that you want to get married in 2020, you want to make sure you start planning as soon as possible, especially since some of your wedding elements might take a bit more time.

For instance, ordering a wedding dress can sometimes take months – this does not include the time required to actually find the dress, or the time needed to alter it.

So, it makes perfect sense that the 2020 wedding dress trends are already out, right?

What are some of the most notable trends we’ll see next year? Read on and find out more.

· Renaissance vibes. If you want to look really beautiful and slightly over the top on your wedding day, you will love the idea of borrowing from the fashion trends of the Renaissance time period – off the shoulder bouffant-sleeved dresses, flared sleeves, triangular shapes, long trains, intricate wedding dress details, and so on.

· Hollywood vibes. If you want to look glamorous, but steal inspiration from days a bit more recent than the Renaissance, how about the Hollywood Golden Age? A slight sweetheart neckline on a structured dress with just a few folds, made from a luxurious silk or satin is a fantastic way to borrow from the Hollywood Golden Age. Sleek, elegant and timeless are words best used to describe this era, so you know you are safe looking for inspiration from this time period.

· Crochet lace. Lace has always been and will continue to be a really popular choice for wedding dresses – but in 2020, it is crochet lace that wins the game. Delicate and sweet, comfortable and opulent, yet still quite homey and warm, this lace is a special combination that incorporates both elegance and the boho chic style. You will love it!

· Blazers. Want to look chic and modern on your wedding day? Consider wearing a blazer – either on top of your dress (yes, this can work!) or simply on top of a pair of trousers and a nice top (maybe even something that incorporates crochet lace, for example?). This modern look will be perfect for brides who want to make a real statement at their wedding.

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Gifts for the Groomsmen

OK, so your groom has 1 task that he can’t decide on - what to get for his guys. They’re a diverse group and what one of them would love the guy next to him will hate.

And then there’s the question of how to thank others who have really helped make the wedding possible - like your parents and grandparents.

Personalized gifts make things special and let them know you were thinking about them. And there are sites that will personalize gifts for free and in any quantity. We found one that we like and has merged quality products with a great selection of unique gifts -

There are personalized socks (" that ask “Will you stand up for me?” (and with the wedding date on it) to rustic drinking horns , secret hatchets, soft coolers and footballs.

We tried a few items, like this canvas tote, ( and we found it well made and something that will definitely get used. Your guys are spending a lot of time and money on being there for you - shouldn’t you return the favor? Check out what they offer to make a gift they’ll remember well after your wedding day.

gift sets for groomsmen

gift sets for groomsmen

personalize duffle bags

personalize duffle bags

personalized socks

personalized socks

If You Love GoT, You Will Love These Wedding Ideas!

trendy wedding ideas

trendy wedding ideas

There’s nothing better than a night spent with your loved one, just relaxing and watching TV shows – and this time of the year, in 2019, you are most likely watching Game of Thrones (especially with all the hype surrounding the last season of the series).

If you are GoT fans, have you ever considered personalizing your wedding using inspiration from this very popular TV show?

Well, you can actually do this regardless of how casual or formal your wedding will be – we have gathered some inspiring ideas to help you with this. Read on to find out more.

· Attire and look. You might not want to wear a Queen Cersei-like wedding dress, but you can definitely borrow from the style of the main characters in the movie. For instance, a feminine and sweet white dress inspired by Daenerys’ wardrobe will definitely look great with any spring or summer wedding. Likewise, a hairstyle inspired by the same character is bound to attract all the attention and make you feel ultra-feminine and beautiful too!

· Stationery. There’s so much you can do with your wedding stationery to breathe some Game of Thrones ice and fire into their design! No, this does not mean you have to create something that is 100% like anything in the show – but borrowing quotes (such as “moon of my life”), house logos, or simply playing with concepts from the series will work marvelously well. Furthermore, you can personalize your day-of stationery according to the same concept too: you can, for example, re-name your tables based on the GoT houses.

· Food and Drink. We don’t get much detailed info about the food served in Game of Thrones – but serving something inspired by the medieval opulence will surely make people think of the series (especially when combined with other GoT motifs as well). Consider serving Cornish game hens instead of chicken or Mead instead of wine. It’s all how you interpret the details and make them your own.

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Wedding Flower Trends That Will Rock 2019

Flowers for weddings

Flowers for weddings

There’s something magical about flowers that makes them truly essential in the art of planning unforgettable weddings.

This is not to say that you can’t plan a wedding without actual blooms – but, in most cases, flowers will make a splash in at least one or two elements of your Big Day.

And if you want to include blooms in your wedding, you’ll definitely want to know about the latest floral wedding trends for 2019. We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Poppies. It doesn’t even matter what type of wedding you want. From formal to casual, modern to classic, poppies can be a truly fantastic option for a summer event. Combined with greenery, as stand-alone blooms, or mixed with other flowers, poppies will add a wonderful summer vibe to your entire wedding. Wear them in a popping red bouquet or include them in your décor, and you will LOVE how they look!

· Anemones. Looking for something that has the same delicate vibe of a poppy, but comes in a softer color? Anemones can be such a beautiful choice! White and slightly navy blue/ black around the middle, anemones are feminine and delicate, and they go so very well with weddings (and the white of a bride’s dress) that they are nearly irresistible.

· Nude and pastels. This might not be as much a 2019 wedding flower trend as it is a universal one, but you definitely need to consider it. This year’s all about soft pastels, and this has expanded into flowers as well – so if you want to create a romantic, sweet, delicate wedding vibe, these are the kinds of flower colors you need to look into for your Big Day.

· Elderflowers. Looking for an ultra-fragranced wedding bloom that will look great and smell even better? Elderflower smells like summer, like long walks in the park, like lemonade and sunlight – so it’s a real wonder that it hasn’t been more popular with weddings until now. Definitely consider it for your wedding this year!

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How to Help your Mom find the Perfect Dress for Your Big Day!

Mother of the Bride (& Groom) dresses

Mother of the Bride (& Groom) dresses

Your wedding is a huge moment in your life – but trust us when we say that it is equally amazing for your mother, too. In fact, your mom might have been thinking about what her daughter’s wedding would be like just as long as you have been thinking about it, or even longer perhaps!

Obviously, you want the very best for your mom, so what are some of the most important things to keep in mind when helping your mother choose the right dress for your Big Day?

We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· There are no rules as to what the mother of the bride can or cannot wear. Most frequently, however, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom choose to wear colors that coordinate well with the wedding’s theme and color scheme. One option is for them to coordinate and agree on dresses that are similar to each other in terms of length and cut (to avoid the risk of potentially making one or the other feel overdressed or underdressed).

· If geography permits it, it’s often helpful to go with your mom when she shops for her mother-of-the-bride gown. Being there for her when she shops and tries on different options is not only helpful, but it can also be a time for making great memories. Hopefully she did the same with you when you were searching for your wedding dress, so why do it for her too? Helping your mom pick out a dress that flatters her, goes with the bridal theme and colors, and generally makes her feel good is something she will definitely appreciate!

· Don’t be afraid to think out of the “classic mother of the bride dresses” and their cuts. For instance, illusion lace dresses and embroidered jackets are quite popular with mothers this year – and they can look amazing! Sophisticated and classy, these dresses are a true statement in their own right.

· Finally, an actual dress is not mandatory either. Some moms will feel more comfortable and still look elegant wearing a stylish pant suit. These are now available in trendy and flattering colors that should definitely be considered as well!

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These Are the TOP Hair Trends for Brides in 2019

Bridal hair trends

Bridal hair trends

All wedding trends can be inspiring – from those focused on the flowers to those focused on the food served during the Big Day.

What about the latest bridal hair trends? We’ve pulled together some of the most recent trending hair styles in the world of weddings to help you create the perfect bridal look – just as you have always dreamed it would be!

· Soft curls and natural textures. This might sound surprising to some of you, but one of the main trends this year is actually leaving your hair how it is and simply emphasizing its texture. With a good hair color and a good haircut, the most natural hairstyle can look absolutely stunning!

· Simple messy buns with wispy pieces framing the face. As you can see, simplicity is a recurring motif in this year’s wedding trends – mostly because all these trends have been inspired by the great royal wedding of Meghan Markle. If you are searching for a sweet, feminine, and comfortable hairstyle, bring your hair up in a bun and toss in one or two delicate accessories. You will feel amazing rocking this style!

· Flower crowns. OK, we’ll admit it: no matter how many of these we see, we cannot help but fall in love. This year’s flower crowns are all about blooming joy and energy: they bring together so many amazing colors and they help you create a true style of your own too.

· Headpieces. Although simplicity is key in this year’s wedding trends, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear a beautiful tiara or simply a beautiful hair comb to adorn your updo. Headpieces in 2019 are very soft and feminine, delicate accessories that will work with a very wide range of wedding dress styles and brides.

· Braided hair. This has always been a pretty popular option for brides – but one of the features that makes it special in 2019 is the fact that it is pulled sideways, creating a sophisticated, fashion statement in the process. This idea is perfect for modern romantic brides who really want to stand out from the crowd! Plus, it allows you to wear a backdrop necklace for an even more stunning look.

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Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

How Do You Actually Find the Right Engagement Ring?

Your engagement ring

Your engagement ring

Congratulations on having decided to pop the big question!

We know this is a huge moment in your life, and we know just how much you want everything about it to be flawless.

But how do you actually find the right engagement ring?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Carats don’t measure the value. In case you are wondering, carats measure nothing more than the weight of a diamond – which does influence the price of the ring, but it isn’t the single most important characteristic (as it is in the case of gold, where carats are all about the purity of the gold itself).

· Cut, clarity and color are also important. These together with Carats make up the “4C’s” of diamonds that you’ll often hear about. If you want to pick a ring that’s genuinely valuable, look into its cut (how many facets the diamond has), its clarity (how pure it is) and its color (some rare colors tend to be more valuable than others, such as black diamonds, for example).

· Choose the precious metal for ring itself wisely. The reason you want to invest in a quality precious metal is because this is not a piece of jewelry that will be worn every now and again – it’s something your future wife will wear on her finger for the rest of her life. Therefore, you want to choose a precious metal that is strong, resiliant and pretty (such as palladium, platinum, yellow, white, or even rose gold, for that matter). Unsure of her style? A great option is to get engaged with the stone set in a simple gold solitaire setting. Then once you’re engaged you two can shop together for a setting or matching his and her setting that you both love.

· Consider options for customizing the ring. There are cute, affordable ways to bring personality into a ring – such as a small inscription on its back. The date of the proposal, your wedding date, the anniversary of when you first started dating, or a short quote you know she loves – this kind of detail can make all the difference in the world!

· Beyond the price tag, what is truly important is that the ring truly suits your future bride. In the end, she may not even be a fan of diamonds, so you can actually settle on a different precious stone. There are so many stunning options out there!

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Photo by Jackie Tsang on Unsplash.

Gifts for the bridal party

Fun bridesmaid’s gifts

Fun bridesmaid’s gifts

So, what to get the team that’s been standing up beside you for so long? It’s tough to find something that fits in your now non-existent budget and is something they’d love. There are sites out there that might be able to get you what you want and for a great price too.

One we found was This is just a way to thank your girls and make them know that you’ve thought about them and appreciate their support during the stressful time of planning a wedding. Then, just for guys, you can go to for ideas.

And they’ve got plenty of gifts that aren’t cliches. The gifts are personalized and something they’ll keep and use. We found a few things we thought were really great ideas - a stemless wine glass with their names on them. Or what about a mason jar?

We ordered the wine glasses and they were an instant hit. Give them a shot or just shop and see what you think.

For more ideas, check out these pinterest pages: 

Stunning and Simple Hairstyle Ideas for Brides Who Want to DIY

Hairstyles for your wedding

Hairstyles for your wedding

Although a lot of brides choose to hire the services of a professional bridal hairstylist for their wedding day, the truth is that this is not strictly necessary – and as you will see a bit later on, there are legit reasons not to do it.

Why would you want to do your own hair on the Big Day? And even more, what kind of hairdos can you create?

We have some tips to help you decide.

· One of the main reasons brides frequently decide on this path is because it is a simple way to save some money. Of course, a professional hairdo will not break the bank, but when you are trying to save every penny you can, every single little change counts.

· Even more, some brides choose to do this of their own volition. A lot of ladies argue that they are the ones who know their hair best – and this can be really true. Even more, a DIY hairdo allows you to add a bit of personality to your entire bridal look story, helping you create an authentic, beautiful appearance.

· There are a lot of really pretty hairdos you can definitely do on your own, with little to no experience, and just a bit of practice. No matter what type of hairstyle you want, there is something in your niche that’s easy to pull off. A little bit of research on Youtube will reveal some great options!

· Large curls, messy curls, and loose curls can all be easily pulled off and they are a truly timeless wedding look. Paired with a tiara, this kind of look can be very glamorous and romantic, so it works excellently for brides who want to look luxurious on their wedding day.

· If you want something more casual, our suggestion is a messy bun with fresh flowers. Messy buns are quite easy to pull off when you have the right hair texture, and they can be beautifully adorned by a few simple, small blooms – just perfect for a spring bride!

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THIS Is How You Make Your Dream Wedding Ceremony Happen

Your wedding ceremony is so, so unique! Although a lot of people focus on the reception alone, the truth is that the ceremony is the very reason the reception is happening – it is the core and the source of the entire wedding. For you, as the bride and groom, your wedding ceremony is the single most important part of the Big Day – so it makes sense that you want it to be perfect.

How can you do that? How to plan a flawless wedding ceremony? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

· Will it be religious? If yes, and if you are not familiar with the religious ceremonies of your culture and denominations, you should find a congregation or place of worship that can guide you through this. Religious ceremonies can be confusing when you are used to something else, so it is very important to have a representative of this religion to show you the ropes and to help you learn everything there is to know about a religious ceremony.

· What style do you want? Do you want your wedding ceremony to be set outside or inside? Do you want your décor to be grand, or do you want something simple and sweet? These are things you should definitely discuss with your fiancé. Take time to learn what each of you dreams of and if necessary, find a middle-ground solution to keep both of you happy.

· You don’t HAVE TO write your own wedding vows. Sure, it’s a nice touch – but not in any way mandatory. If you or your loved one are introverts and you don’t feel confident speaking in public, saying your own wedding vows might sound more terrifying than magical, and that means you’d be missing all the beauty of the ceremony itself. Allow yourselves to be who you are, and if that means going with traditional wedding vows, then so be it. Your ceremony will still be beautiful.

· DO make sure you opt for a very good wedding officiant. Being compatible with your officiant is important. You are putting this person in charge of guiding your entire ceremony – the last thing you would want is to hear them speak about matters that you do not agree with or that don’t match the energy of the day!

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DO Make Sure to Ask These Questions When Searching for Your Wedding Ceremony Officiant

wedding officiants in NM

wedding officiants in NM

Your wedding officiant is a truly important person in your wedding day. You want your officiant to truly mirror you and your fiancé: who you are as a couple and as individuals. This is important because the officiant will be guiding the entire ceremony from top to bottom (and we all know just what a hugely important moment this is in your life!).

What are some of the questions you should definitely ask your officiant when meeting them for the first time?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

· Are they available? This comes without saying, but you’d be surprised to learn how many couples set their hearts on an officiant only to find that they aren’t available for their specific wedding date. You want to make sure you ask this from the very beginning, so that you don’t proceed further if availability is a concern.

· Can they officiate your wedding? If you want to have a religious wedding, your officiant has to be from your congregation and denomination (e.g. if you are Catholic, you need a Catholic priest to officiate the ceremony). If you want a civil wedding, you want to also make sure this person is actually legally able to marry you – otherwise, the wedding might be deemed null.

· Do you get to personalize the wedding? Most of the times, this is allowed up to certain extent, but do keep in mind that there are religions where customizing your wedding is simply not an option. For example, Catholics don’t have much choice when it comes to the wedding songs and their wedding vows, as Catholic weddings often take place as a part of a full mass.

· Will they guide you before the wedding? You need to have excellent communication with your wedding officiant. You have to understand each other and be compatible with each other – because otherwise, you might end up with a lot of issues generated by the lack of communication (such as realizing that your officiant is about to say something you don’t agree with and not having time to stop him because you’re in the middle of the ceremony).

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You Should Definitely Know These Guest List Etiquette Tips!

Guest etiquette tips

Guest etiquette tips

Creating the guest list is one of the first and most important elements of the wedding planning process – and truth be told, it can be one of the most daunting and stressful ones as well.

You want to make sure you plan a wedding that suits your style and taste, but you also want to make sure nobody gets upset.

What do you do? What are some of the essential guest list tips to keep in mind?

· Do you have to invite people whose wedding you attended? Well, it depends. If it happened recently and if you are still close to them, then absolutely yes. If, however, you have drifted apart since their wedding or your wedding is simply smaller than theirs, you might be able to skip including them on the guest list.

· Do you have to invite children? Not if you don’t want to. This is your wedding and you are allowed to choose if you want to make it an adult-only event or not. One of the most delicate ways of doing this is by clearly specifying on the RSVPs who is invited: Mr. and Mrs., or by making it clear the number of seats you’ve reserved for them.

· What if you receive a gift from someone who’s not invited? Believe it or not, this happens. But you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite them to the wedding; much less so if you are planning an intimate event. If you’re in doubt over whether or not this person is expecting an invitation, discuss matters with a common friend or relative who is closer to them. DO make sure to thank them, though!

· Do you have to invite all the relatives of the same group? Yes, absolutely. If you invite one aunt, all of them should be invited to the wedding. This is your family, and chances are that even if you are not close to them, they will find out about you only inviting only one of them, sooner or later. It’s better to avoid this kind of drama in the future!

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Use These Tips to Choose the Very Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding

Color schemes for your wedding

Color schemes for your wedding

The color scheme you choose for your wedding can totally influence the way it will all look, and most importantly, the way you and your guests will actually feel during the wedding.

How do you choose the best color scheme for your wedding, though?

We’ve gathered some tips on this – so keep reading if you want to find out more.

· Think out of the box – and out of the trends. Just because Living Coral is trending in 2019, it doesn’t mean you absolutely have to choose it for your wedding. It can be an older Marsala, or simply green and white if that’s what suits your personality best. Also, if you want your wedding to feel really unique, try to stay away from clichés as well. For instance, a Navy-themed wedding doesn’t have to be all about navy blue, reds, baby blue, and white – start with that as a base and find ways to make it your own!

· Be bold and choose more than two colors. Most brides fall into a trap here, thinking that choosing more than two colors will make the wedding feel incoherent and noisy. However, when chosen correctly, multiple colors combined can look really special and they can give your wedding an amazing, vibrant, welcoming vibe!

· Take your personality into consideration. It doesn’t serve you to have a pink wedding if you’re all about the darker colors – and the other way around. Your personality dictates the décor. Allow your own story and who you really are to shine through the décor by choosing colors that resonate with you. For instance, if you are bubbly and full of humor, the best color combination for you will be one that mirrors that: a bright array of colors that feel energizing and youthful when brought together.

· Take your venue into consideration too. The way the venue is already decorated and the general vibes it sends out should go hand in hand with the actual wedding color scheme. For instance, a rustic venue will not look good with a very urban color scheme, and a museum wedding calls for more muted, earth tones instead of bright punches of color.

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Bridesmaids’ Dress Tips Every Bride Should Know

Bridesmaid’s dresses

Bridesmaid’s dresses

Choosing the dresses for your bridesmaids can prove to be a more daunting task than you initially expected. In fact, in many cases, choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses can frequently take longer and be more stressful than choosing your own wedding dress.

How do you make everyone happy? What are some of the tips to remember when searching for the right dresses for your special ladies on the wedding day?

We have some tips for you. Keep reading if you’re eager to minimize the stress as much as possible.

· Long, short, or in between? Truth be told, there’s no rule to say that bridesmaids have to wear long gowns. They should probably opt for length when the event is really elegant and traditional – but few weddings these days are actually 100% dedicated to tradition, so the length of the bridesmaids’ dresses can be up for debate. Plus, your bridesmaids might have their own preference here – and choosing a dress that’s too long can severely affect your relationship with bridesmaids who don’t feel good in long dresses.

· All the shapes of the Earth. Every woman is beautiful in her own way – and dressing to impress is most definitely on the bridesmaids’ list of priorities. Choose bridesmaids’ dresses that are either very good for everyone or universally “applauded” by all specialists. The first version might be tricky if you have a lot of members in your wedding party and if they have a wide variety of body types.

· The bodices. Again, it all depends on your bridesmaids’ top halves and how they want to look. Generally, sweetheart gowns are most popular because they can flatter a lot of body types. However, they are not the only type of bodice out there. An illusion high neckline looks fabulous and it is very trendy – however, if your bridesmaids don’t feel good in this, they will feel uncomfortable throughout the entire Big Day.

· Letting them choose. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are still very popular – and this year, it all goes beyond that. In 2019, you will be able to completely mismatch your bridesmaids’ dresses and simply allow them to wear what they want. A unifying theme of some sort is always nice (like a specific color, length, or neckline), but letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses helps everyone feel their best.

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Are You Allowed to Skip the Alcohol at the Wedding?

Serving alcohol at the wedding

Serving alcohol at the wedding

Planning a wedding is quite difficult. At the end of the day, it is completely worth it and you definitely deserve to have the wedding of your dreams – but you should be aware of the fact that planning it is not easy in any way. There is a huge amount of details that need to be handled, not to mention the pressure of trying to make everyone happy.

Alcohol and weddings can be one of the most troubling questions for brides planning their wedding – but what happens when you want to skip the alcohol altogether?

We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.

· You shouldn’t feel obliged to serve alcohol at your wedding. Sure, it’s what most couples do – but there isn’t a strict rule about it. On the contrary: this is your wedding, and you should allow yourself to make your own rules. If you’d be happier having an alcohol-free Big Day, then do what feels right to you and your fiancé!

· There are a lot of reasons you might not want to serve alcohol. You may not drink, you may be against it for moral or religious reasons, you may have someone in your family who has a history with alcohol, you might want to save money, or you might simply want to avoid the mess that could ensue once some guests have had too many drinks.

· It is important to let people know from the very beginning that you will have an alcohol-free wedding. You can add this in the invitation suite, or write it on your wedding website – or, if your wedding is small and the guest list isn’t too demanding, you could let everyone know in person. This way, people will know what to expect right from the get-go (and they will not be tempted to bring in their own alcohol, putting themselves and you in an awkward situation).

· Serving a small amount of alcohol is also a good option. You could only serve champagne for the toasts or maybe add a couple of wine and beer options into the mix as well. Also, keep in mind that planning a daytime wedding means that people will automatically expect a smaller amount of alcohol. So if you want to decrease the expectation of booze, maybe consider a daytime ceremony!

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Elegant and modern bouquets

Photo by Aesthetic life studio

Photo by Aesthetic life studio

Include roses in your bouquet, with the sunflower to create a modern design with elegance.

Featured florals in this arrangement:

  • Rose – Roses are known as the flowers of love and romance. Many choose to include pink roses in their bouquet because they symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration and joy.

  • Green Button Pom – This button pom is a good choice for a filler flower because it’s available year-round. This flower comes in white, green, purple and yellow and is also called a Chrysanthemum.

  • Amaranthus – When this flower dries, it turns golden in color. It’s also called the flaming fountain and it has a distinct color that makes it noteworthy.

For more information, go to to see more ideas. But look at the flowers here locally at one of the many People’s Flowers shops. They can show you the real flowers you might want in your bouquet.

More ideas:

Photography by Olivia Rae Photography

Photography by Olivia Rae Photography

The Best Ideas for Your Wedding After Party Outfit

Wedding after party outfits for NM brides

Wedding after party outfits for NM brides

If you are like most brides and grooms, you want your wedding day to last for as long as possible. You want to enjoy the magic, the joy, and the beauty of this special event in your life for the entire day (from dawn to dusk), and you want to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience as well.

This is precisely why a lot of couples choose to have an after party in addition to the ceremony and reception. This is, indeed, a wonderful opportunity to keep the party alive well into the dawn of the next day and help your guests have some real fun, all night long.

What should you wear for your wedding after party, though? You can wear your wedding gown, of course – but just in case you don’t want to ruin it (either because you want to sell it afterwards or because you simply want to keep it in a pristine state), you might want to get another dress for the after party.

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Since this party will be much more casual than the wedding itself, you can pretty much wear any kind of dress you want. Depending on where the after party takes place, you can wear something that’s more suitable for a club, or something a bit more elegant.

· For instance, you could wear a short white dress (camisoles are growing in popularity, along with a lot of other 90s trends). This will allow you to move around and dance as you wish. You could also wear a longer dress, but with a more casual touch to it, like a long, fitted gown with a slit up the side that allows some skin to show through.

· If you want something completely different and unique, you don’t have to wear an actual dress at all! For example, you could wear a stylish jumpsuit. This is easy and comfortable to wear, but it also looks really fashionable and feminine at the same time – so you will definitely love the look!

Looking for more ideas? Check out this link on choosing your color!

Your Go-To Color Palettes for A Perfect Wedding

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You Should Definitely Consider These Trends for Your 2019 Wedding!

Wedding trends

Wedding trends

A new year has started – and together with it, we are starting to see the new wedding trends shaping up. If you are a couple planning your wedding in 2019, you definitely want to know more about the best and freshest wedding trends out there, so that you can steal some inspiration for your own Big Day.

What are they? What are the most beautiful wedding trends of the year? We have some tips for you – keep reading if you want to find out more.

· Installations and art. Long gone are the days of simply tossing a few flowers together and calling it “wedding décor.” As Millennials are getting more and more immersed in the wedding world, it is quite likely that we will see more artistic wedding décor pieces – installations and even actual paintings incorporated in these special events are bound to make an impression!

· Special bars. Everyone loves a good cocktail – and wedding bars stocked with unique combinations are a real attraction for most guests. Think out of the box with your cocktails and serve the kind of drinks people will actually want the recipe for!

· Small bouquets. One of the biggest trends of 2019 was actually set by the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry themselves: minimalism. Her dress was absolutely superb in its simplicity, and so was her bouquet. We can definitely expect to see more brides deciding on the same simple, elegant style for their 2019 weddings.

· Vibrant colors. Living Coral has been declared Pantone’s Color of the Year – and we can expect it to be seen in all kinds of vibrant combinations. Most people might expect this color to be combined with pastels and neutral shades – but trendsetters are saying otherwise: vibrant colors are what 2019 is all about, so Living Coral might end up in the most unique color combinations ever. We are so excited to see a real pop of color in the wedding world of 2019!

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You Will Love These Special Flower Ideas for Your Wedding!

flowers for Albuquerque weddings.jpg

Flowers are a true gift for the world! Graceful and beautiful, they are the perfect embellishment for anything wedding-related and are a true delight in both natural and man-made environments.

We are so connected to the beauty of flowers that we want them to accompany us on the most special days of our lives – and weddings are chief among them.

How to incorporate the elegance of flowers into your Big Day, aside from the classic methods (centerpieces, décor, boutonnieres, and bouquets)?

We have gathered some tips and ideas for you – keep on reading if you want to find your floral wedding inspiration.

· Edible blooms. Edible flowers have been quite popular in 2017 and 2018 – and they will continue to remain so in 2019. You can have them on your wedding cake (even the simplest buttercream cake can be instantly elevated with fresh flowers), on your desserts, in your foods, and even in your cocktails. These flowers will not only make your food and drinks look fresh and pretty, but they will also complement their flavor bouquet.

· Video-mapping flowers. You don’t have to use natural flowers to incorporate their beauty in your wedding day. For instance, you could use video-mapping services to project stunning floral decorations on a white cake and even on your white wedding gown (imagine how beautiful this would look while you dance for the first time as a married couple!).

· Floral fashion. Flowers can look beautiful when printed on your bridesmaids’ dresses (ideal for a spring wedding, for example). They can also add a dash of style and uniqueness to your groom’s attire when they are printed on his suit, shirt, or simply his bow-tie. And they can look absolutely magical when incorporated into your wedding veil too!

· Hanging florals. Hanging florals and overhead flower arrangements are quite the trend right now – and we can see why. They are surprising and delicate at the same time, they can create an amazing, airy space, and they can even make the wedding reception feel cozier and more welcoming by narrowing the space between the ceiling and the floor. This kind of décor is bound to be appreciated by everyone at your wedding!

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