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And, if so, why the Wedding Expos? Here are some items to ask when considering a booth at ANY bridal show:

We all appreciate options, and your business has plenty when it comes to bridal shows in NM. Show producers should be easy to contact. Is their email address readily accessible from the show’s website in multiple locations, or are you required to fill out an online form? The best producers should be able to answer your questions quickly and simply. Here are a few to help you get started:

My future Daughter-in-law and wife attended the bridal fair. They absolutely loved it with one concern only, the casino was too small for your event (but I would say that is a good thing) HaHa.
— Ben Hernandez, Garcia Tents & Lucky Boyz Limos

1. What kind of marketing & advertising is being done for the event?
Reputable show producers will not only explain how and where they advertise to attract brides, they’ll also provide proof: from locations of billboards and run sheets (schedules) from radio stations, to social media links and publications.

Don’t just take their word for it; drive a different way to work to find those billboards, listen to the radio stations – verify those marketing claims. You’re investing good money in a bridal show; make sure your producer is doing the same to attract as many brides as possible.

2. How many brides register compared to how many attend?
The more brides you get your message in front of, the more likely you are to turn them into customers. But those odds grow even better when you get to speak with them face to face at a show. An event might boast an average of 200 registered brides, but don’t be afraid to ask how many actually attend. The most reputable show producers will not only provide the numbers, they’ll break it down into percentages.

3. Looking beyond the booth price, how much am I paying per potential customer?
A $300 booth may sound nice up front. But what if the show only attracts 200 brides? Compare that to a $500 booth at a show that attracts 600 brides. One of the most pivotal business leaders in U.S. history once said, “Price is what you give; value is what you get.” 

4. How many vendors return year after year?
A show’s ability to retain its vendors year after year says a lot about how these businesses felt they were treated, and whether the show continues to provide an acceptable return on their investment. NM Wedding Expos is happy to share contact info with ANY and ALL of its current and previous vendors – it’s as simple as clicking on our alphabetical vendor listing within our website


Well, this is a good place to start. You may very well come up with more on your own. Let us help you in calling or emailing these wedding show producers:

NM Wedding Expos’ Stacy Blackwell, , 505-856-0426

Diamond Dash / Perfect Wedding Guide’s Shauna Pointer, perfectweddingguide.com505-797-2749, (email address not accessible through website)

 NM Event & Wedding Planner Magazine’s Joy Gutierrez, nmplanner.com505-508-4443, (email address not accessible through website)